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VIP Home Buyer Program

Welcome to Del Val's VIP Home Buyer Program, an unparalleled experience designed to guide you seamlessly through the 5 stages of the home-buying process. Our unwavering commitment is to place you in your Dream Home, ensuring the best price, terms, and conditions in the shortest time possible.

As an esteemed member of our VIP Home Buyer Program, you gain exclusive access to a host of benefits:

Stage 1 - Prequalification

  • Personal Representation: A licensed buyer's agent dedicated to representing YOU, prioritizing your needs over the sellers'.

  • $10,000 Buyer Savings Guarantee: All VIP members receive this guarantee, providing financial assurance throughout the process (See Bonus 1 Below).

  • Tailored Dream Home Wishlist: Collaboratively develop your exact wishlist for your new Dream Home.

  • Precision Home Recommendations: Utilizing our Home Hunter Service™, receive curated listings that precisely match your Dream Home criteria, including detailed information, photos, and more. No time wasted on generic lists!

  • Just Listed Alerts: Stay ahead of the competition with exclusive email alerts about homes entering the market before other buyers even catch wind of them.

  • Optimal Financing Assistance: Benefit from our expertise in securing the best financing program tailored to your specific situation. We ensure the lowest interest rates and the least expensive closing costs, giving you a competitive edge in negotiations.

  • Cancellation Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with our 24-hour notice option to exit the VIP Home Buyer Program if we fall short of our commitments (See Bonus 2 Below).

By enrolling in Del Val's VIP Home Buyer Program, you not only embark on a journey to your Dream Home but also receive our $10,000 Buyer Savings Certificate, along with several other guarantees and gifts. Elevate your home-buying experience with the VIP treatment you deserve.

BONUS 1: $10,000 Buyer Savings Guarantee

Experience peace of mind with our commitment to saving you a minimum of $10,000 on your next home purchase. In the rare event we fall short, rest assured – we'll pay you a guaranteed $1,000 in cash at closing. Explore the full details in our $10,000 Buyer Guarantee Certificate.

BONUS 2: Cancellation Guarantee™

Your satisfaction is paramount. With our Cancellation Guarantee™, you hold the power to terminate your VIP Home Buyer Program membership with just 24 hours' notice should we fail to uphold our promises.

Stage 2 - Home Screening

  • Private Showings with Ease: Your Del Val buyer's agent will effortlessly schedule private showings for properties aligning with your buying criteria.

  • 48-Hour Showings Guarantee (See Bonus 3 Below): We're committed to swift action, ensuring a showing within 48 hours of your request for any home you're eager to see.

  • Insightful Recommendations: Benefit from our expertise as we provide suggestions for repairs or inspections during property viewings, allowing you to uncover hidden issues before committing.

  • FREE Market Evaluation Report: Receive a complimentary Market Evaluation Report, ensuring you never overpay. Gain insights into recent sales in the area and make informed decisions with the same techniques used by bank appraisers.

BONUS 3: Guaranteed 48-Hour Showings

In a real estate landscape where time is of the essence, we stand out. Del Val guarantees that any home you're eager to see will be scheduled for a showing within 48 hours of your request.

Stage 3 - Home Negotiation

  • Strategic Offer Discussions: Collaborate with us to devise the optimal strategy, covering offer price, financing terms, interest rates, possession dates, and any other considerations vital to your decision-making.

  • Professional Offer Presentation: Our experienced team will draft and present your offer, skillfully negotiating the best deal on your behalf. On average, buyers save an additional 8% with our assistance – that's a $14,400 savings on an $180,000 home!

  • Thorough Inspection Review: Trust us to thoroughly review your home inspection, advocating for necessary repairs or price adjustments.

  • Loan Assistance: Navigate the complexities of loans with our guidance, ensuring you secure the best deal tailored to your needs.

  • Comprehensive Checklist: We meticulously complete a comprehensive checklist, ensuring every detail is addressed from the beginning to the end of the buying process.

  • Unwavering Support: Count on us to be available for any questions you may have. Your freedom to make decisions is never compromised, and you're under no obligation to purchase at any point in time.

Stage 4 – Closing

Embark on the final stage of your home purchase with confidence:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team will expertly assist and guide you through the closing process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • Professional Recommendations: Benefit from our network of trusted professionals. We'll recommend legal, home inspection, repair, appraisal, and title insurance experts to complement your home purchase journey.

  • Complimentary Home Warranty: Del Val goes the extra mile by providing a one-year Home Warranty Policy ($495 value) to shield you from unexpected repairs during the first year (See Bonus 4 Below).

  • Keys in Hand: Upon completing the paperwork at closing, we'll hand you the keys and conduct a final walkthrough to ensure everything meets your expectations.

BONUS 4: Home Warranty Policy

Enjoy peace of mind with a complimentary one-year Home Warranty Policy ($495 value), safeguarding you against unforeseen repairs in the initial year.

Stage 5 - Post Closing

Our commitment extends beyond the sale:

  • Ongoing Support: We remain a constant presence, offering support from the beginning to well after you've received the keys. Count on us for any questions, concerns, or tips to maintain your home's optimal value.

  • Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee (See Bonus 5 Below): In writing, we commit to selling your property for free if you decide to sell within 6 months of purchase, with Del Val Realty & Property Management as your agent.

  • Home Warming Gift: As a token of our appreciation, receive a beautiful home-warming gift from Del Val's office.

BONUS 5: Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee™

Rest easy with our written Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee™. If you choose to sell your home within 6 months of purchase, and Del Val Realty & Property Management is your agent, we'll handle the sale for free.

To join the VIP Home Buyer Program, contribute a refundable $250 (credited back at closing) and sign an exclusive 6-month Buyer Agency Agreement with Del Val Realty & Property Management.

One Final Thing

Spread the word about our VIP Home Buyer Program, and reap additional rewards:

  • Referral Contribution: Share the program with three friends, and if one joins and closes a house with Del Val Realty & Property Management, we'll make a $500 charitable contribution in your name to the charity of your choice. Your support makes a difference!